Minutes September 2016

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 12th September 2016

Present:      Michael Gay, Sam Ingram, (Chairman), Joe Cole, Wayne Mckeown, Claire Knight, Dick Skidmore and Geoff Andrews (Clerk).

  1. Chairman’s Announcements.  The chairman identified emergency exit and equipment.
  1. Public Access: None.
  1. Apologies for absence. Richard Pelham and Roger Masters
  1. Interests and Dispensations

4-1       Disclosures of Interests.  There were no disclosures of interest

4-2       Dispensations. There were no requests for dispensation

  1. Minutes

5-1       Minutes of the previous meeting:  It was agreed that the minutes of the previous meeting represented an accurate record.  Proposed by Michael Gay and seconded by Joe Cole. The chairman Sam Ingram signed them.

5-2       Matters arising: There were no matters arising.

6-      Planning

6-1       Planning Applications 2016/2094/2095 HDG.The removal of the hedgerows lead to discussion over the A359 traffic calming scheme. Wayne McKeown expressed concern that funding for the project had run out. He added that speeds through the village would need to be reduced to allow phase 2 to occur. Michael Gay said it looked as if SCC have gone back on their agreement to phase 2. It was agreed that the clerk would write to Kerry Jones to find out what speeds were required to kick start phase 2 and at what speeds phase 2 would not be needed. The Parish Council would also like to know the break- down of the costs incurred with the project so far. Finally, it was agreed to ask when the Parish Council could notify the villagers about the plans for phase 1.

The acceptance of the planning applications was proposed by Joe Cole and seconded by Michael Gay. All agreed.

6-2       Planning Application 2016/1086/NMA. Material changes at the solar farm were noted.

7-         Finances

7-1       Payments: Payments were made to Ann Andrews for ink cartridges, to Geoff Andrews for computer security, and Grant Thornton for audit expenses.

7-2       Receipts: £2000 was received from Milton Energy as a community payment.

7-3       July and August 2016 Bank reconciliation was discussed and approved. It was agreed to note the present bank balance as £27.025. 68.

7-4       All Councillors were made aware of Grant Thornton’s comments about the Parish Council’s accounts.

8-         Highways (including R’s of W) and maintenance

8-1       Traffic calming. It was agreed to write to the police and ask them to come and observe speeds through the village and to attend a Parish council meeting. Action the clerk. It was also agreed to ask SCC highways about the possible purchase of a Speed Indicator Device. Action the clerk. See above under planning for more information on A359.

8-2       Maintenance. A pot hole on A359 near the solar farm had re-appeared. Michael Gay also reported that there were large dips either side of the road near the rail bridge on Long Lane. The Clerk would email Charlie Higgins about these problems.

  1. Village Hall and Recreation Field

9-1       Village Hall Report. 

        Michael Gay informed the Parish Council that the village hall was meeting to review the play equipment in the park They might approach the Parish Council for money for new equipment and maintenance on the existing play apparatus. The next event in the hall was the harvest supper on the 24th September.

Michael Gay informed the council that Bristol Water would surveying the park as part of replacing the mains water pipe from Chancellor’s farm into the village. Discussion ensued and it was noted that any serious maintenance to the mains might cause damage to the trees and also the ground source heating in the park. Joe Cole had now installed a remote control system for the lights in the hall in a more accessible location. He also informed the council that he was still working on the proposed film club.                         .

  1. Correspondence

10-1     Email from Charlie Higgins re Hunter’s Lodge track was noted.

  1. Other Business

11-1.     Extra car parking space for village hall was discussed but a suitable location would be the problem.

11-2      Display cabinets for the village hall was discussed. A small cabinet displaying history artefacts would help ID the hall with village. Possible funding from Community money.

11-3      A second telephone box was needed for children’s books. Sam Ingram would investigate costs of purchasing another box.

11-4      £50 daffodils would be purchase for planting around the village. The clerk would arrange this.

11-5      Clerk’s salary. Wayne Mckeown would coordinate this.

11-6      Newsletter would be delayed until further notice.

11-7      Funding for A359. Noted.

11-8      Services to village. Noted.

11-9      Green Spaces. There had been no replies to letter sent to villagers. The clerk would contact MDC to verify action required for Green Spaces.

11-10    Community bus. The chairman signed an agreement for the parish Council to underwrite the cost of running the bus if there was a loss incurred. Michael Gay informed the council that after two weeks there would be some feedback from MDC and there would be the possibility to extend the trial period by twelve weeks He added it would be worth finding out if more Wanstrow Villagers would use the bus as other villages may drop out. And he further said that the times of the might be changed.

11-11    Cloford broadband. The Parish Council would keep Cloford in touch with developments re broadband.

  1. Proposal for future business


12-1     To elect chairman for the next meeting. Sam Ingram agreed to continue as Chairman for the next meeting.

  1. Date of next meeting.   The meeting closed at 9.28pm.  The next meeting will be held in the village hall at 7.45 pm on 11th October 2016.

Signed Chairman

Dated:  10th October 2016.