Wanstrow Parish Council

AGAR 2018-2019

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Wanstrow Parish Council Minutes 12th February 2018

     Present:      Michael Gay, Joe Cole (Chair), Sam Ingram, Wayne McKeown, Richard Pelham. Members of the public: Ms. Jennie Wood, Mr Matt Hunt, Mr Richard Hibberd and Mr Jeremy Charlesworth.

  1. Chair’s Announcements.  The chair identified emergency exit and equipment.
  1. Public Access. (See planning below)
  1. Apologies for absence. Geoff Andrews
  2. Interests and Dispensations

4-1       Disclosures of Interests. Joe Cole declared an interest in item 6.1.

4-2       Dispensations. There were no requests for dispensation.

  1. Minutes

5-1       Minutes of the previous meeting. The minutes of the previous meeting 0fthe 8th January were approved. Proposed by Sam Ingram and seconded by Richard Pelham. The minutes of the 22nd January were approved. Proposed by Michael Gay and seconded by Sam Ingram.

5-2       Matters arising. None.       

6-         Planning

6-1       King William IV application. 2017/3333/FUL.

             Joe Cole left the meeting and Richard Pelham took the chair.

             Parishioners have made earnest representations that the staircases and parts of the access seriously impinge on their domestic privacy, especially as in some cases the staircase and walkway provide intimate views through neighbours’ windows. It was also stated that due to proximity and overbearing, any screening would not alleviate the concerns of the objectors. Further strong concerns were also expressed tat security would be compromised.

             The Parish Council refused the application based on these grounds.

Wanstrow PC is not opposed to the concept of the flat above the Pub being let. However, the PC feels that the current proposed access is unacceptable to the immediate neighbours and an alternative access must be found that is acceptable to all parties and the Planning Authority.

Joe Cole returned to the meeting.

6-2       White Cottage. Application acknowledged.

6-3       MDC Local Plan 2. Michael Gay agreed to draft proposals to identify suitable land, with low impact for neighbours, for light industrial development to support local employment opportunities.

6-4       Planning email noted.

7-1       Finances

Payments. Four payments were made to MCT, SALC fees, Clerk’s salary and HMRC.

Action the clerk. Contact SALC to see if clerk’s salary should be published in the minutes.

7-2       Receipts. Distgen payment of £1088.56 was received. This reflects the change in payment terms.

7-3       Review of accounts. It was agreed that the clerk would complete accounts for February but Joe Cole would complete the March accounts and year end accounts. Joe Cole would also complete the VAT return at the end of March to reflect the year’s returns.

7-4       Transparency fund. Joe Cole has submitted a claim for funds to SALC.

8-0       Highways. (including R’s of way and maintenance.)

8-1       Joe Cole confirmed that the new SID camera had been installed and is working correctly.

8-2       Wessex water drain improvements. Michael Gay confirmed that new pumps are to be fitted to improve drain improvements. The Parish Council agreed to monitor potential flooding in this area.

8-3       Highways meeting. A successful meting was held with Charlie Higgins and his colleagues from Somerset Highways, at which it was agreed that: (i) Wanstrow Grange ditch is blocked. The Parish council would contact the owners to ask them to clear it and to provide a drain across their road to divert run-off to the drain. It was suggested to ask Shane Sadler to contact the Grange about the drain as he knew the occupants personally.  (ii) It was noted that the outflow at Tower View had been recently been cleared. However, the parish Council would ask Mr. Pole to clear the ditch on his side of the hedge. Action Joe Cole. (iii)  Water flow by the playing fields. Ask Mr. Walwin to clear their side please. (iv) Action the clerk. Write to Mr Higgins to thank him for his support.

8-4       Network Rail response to tree maintenance was noted. No further action at this point.

8-5       Bullocks Farm scaffold was noted.

8-6       Repairs to notice boards. Michael Gay agreed to ask for volunteers on Wanstrow Green.

8-7       Litter Pick would be Sunday 18th March at 10.30am.  Richard Pelham to book equipment. Clerk to ask SWP to clear main road. The village hall would be booked for breakfast. Parish Council to fund this. Michael Gay agreed to advertise the event on Facebook.

9-0       Village Hall.

9-1       Michael Gay reported that Virginia Purcheon would be standing down from the trustees.

9-2       Fencing. It was agreed that prompt payment would be sent to the contractors with an accompanying letter. Action Richard Pelham.

10-0     Correspondence.

10-1     Dementia meeting. Joe Cole agreed to attend.

11-0      Other business.

11-1      Recruitment of a new clerk. A notification had been sent to MDC. The role would be advertised on Grapevine and Facebook.

11-2      Recruitment of a new councillor. Richard Pelham agreed to draft an advert.

12-0     Future Business

12-1     Andrew Liggatt has been approached to audit future accounts.

12-2     A review of procedures is required for accounts checking, cheque signing etc.

12-3     A new rota for 2018/19 is required.

12-4     Data processing. Further discussion is required.

12-5     Correspondence: Review circulation procedures fort the future. Agenda item.

13-1 To elect chair for the next meeting. Joe Cole would be chair at the next meeting.

  1. Date of next meeting.   The meeting closed at 9.30pm. The next meeting will be held on the 12th March 2018.

Signed Chair

Dated:  12th March 2018