Minutes July 2017

Wanstrow Parish Council Minutes Held on
Monday 10th July 2017

Present: Michael Gay, Joe Cole, Geoff Andrews (Clerk), Sam Ingram, Wayne McKeown, Claire Knight, Richard Pelham, Michael Gay and Dick Skidmore (MDC Council)

  1. Chairman’s Announcements.  The chairman identified emergency exit and equipment.
  1. Public Access. None.
  1. Apologies for absence. Roger Masters
  2. Interests and Dispensations

4-1       Disclosures of Interests. There were no disclosures of interest.

4-2       Dispensations. There were no requests for dispensation.

  1. Minutes

5-1       Minutes of the previous meeting. Accepted by the Council. Proposed by Wayne Mckeown and seconded by Michael Gay

5-2       Matters arising. None.       

6-         Planning

6-1       2017/1215/HSE Ivy Cottages Cloford. The Parish Council accepted this change in planning. Proposed by Joe Cole and seconded by Claire Knight. Clerk to inform MDC Planning.

6-2       2017/1215HSE Oakleaze, Brickyard Lane. Noted.

6-3       2017/0715/HSE Replacement dwelling adjacent to A361 Refused by MDC noted.

7-1       Finances

Payments; Payment was made to Mendip Community Transport, Kevin Gale and Joe Cole for expenses from SID training.

7-2       Receipts: None

7-3       The reconciliation for June was accepted. The balance per bank was noted at £35,154.95. Details of specific expenditure were requested by the council for future reconciliations.                                                                                                             

8-         Highways (including R’s of W) and maintenance

8-1       Traffic Calming. Concern was expressed that traffic speeds had increased since the installation of the traffic calming scheme. Next SID results due? Contractors had not cleared debris from the works site. And not all work complete as line markings were missing. Action: The clerk to contact SCC to ask for above points to be clarified.

8-2       Speed gun not returned. Action. The clerk to contact Peter Russell.

SID training complete. The parish Council will go ahead and purchase a SID camera

  1.    Village Hall and Recreation Field 

9-1      Village Hall Report. Michael Gay informed the council that Nigel Clements has become a trustee. Michael Gay informed    the council that as a matter of urgency, the sound controls in the hall need to be sorted.

  1. Correspondence (not covered elsewhere on the agenda)

10.1      None

  1. Other Business

11.1      NHS Health Checks in the village hall to be organised by the clerk.

11.2         Community Assets. Four areas have been identified. Land by the church, land by Woodbine Cottage, land by the river in         centre of village and the Playing Field. These areas were approved by the council as being assets. Copies to be sent to MDC with minutes enclosed as evidence of council approval. Joe Col would consult the land registry to find ownership of the first three sites as this was needed on the forms. Action. The clerk to send completed forms to Ian Mundy at MDC.

11.3     Rural community survey. Noted.

11.4     Car park. At some village hall  events the car parking spills over into the village. There is a need for space for at least 20 cars.                Discussion ensued and it was agreed to follow up several possibilities. Land need to be found to solve the problem.    

11-5     Breach Wood. There had been considerable damage to areas of Breach Woods. The parish Council would write to the agent   who handles the estate. Action. Michael Gay to word letter for clerk to send to agent.

11-6     Broadband. Fibre has been installed in Witham Friary. It was pointed out that their broadband speeds were much slower than those in Wanstrow.

  1. Proposals for future business. The Xmas tree in the village hall.

13-1 To elect chairman for the next meeting. Michael Gay was elected to be chair at the next meeting.

  1. Date of next meeting.   The meeting closed at 9.10pm. The next meeting will be held on the 14th August 2017.

Signed Chairman

Dated:  14th August 2017