Minutes August 2016

Wanstrow Parish Council Minutes – Monday 8th August 2016

Present:      Michael Gay, Joe Cole, Richard Pelham(Chairman),  and Geoff Andrews (Clerk)

1.         Chairman’s Announcements.  The chairman identified emergency exit and equipment.

2.         Public Access:


3.         Apologies for absence. Wayne McKeown, Claire Knight, Sam Ingram, Roger Masters.

4.         Interests and Dispensations

4-1       Disclosures of Interests.  Richard Pelham would leave for item 6-1 on the agenda.

4-2       Dispensations. There were no requests for dispensation

5.         Minutes

5-1       Minutes of the previous meeting:  It was agreed that the Minutes of the previous meeting represented an accurate record.  Proposed by Richard Pelham and seconded by Michael Gay. The Chairman signed the minutes.

5-2       Matters arising: 8.2. Joe Cole would find out who cut the triangle of grass by the ford in the middle of the village.

11.7 The clerk informed the council that the spoil heap at Torr quarry had been reduced in size.

6-         Planning

6-1       Ashtree house was not discussed as Richard Pelham had declared interest in this and so the council would not be quorate when he withdrew.

6-2       Application No. 2016/1749/CLP. Approval of use of outbuilding at The Bear Inn for hot tub. Noted.

6-3       Application No. 2016/1919/HSL Rebuild of porch and extend study at the Bear Inn was approved by the council. Clerk to inform Planning at MDC.

7-         Finances

7-1       Payments: Payments to The Clerk, HMRC and Derek Mounty were all approved by the council.

7-2       Receipts: There were no receipts.

7-3       The July reconciliation could not be approved as no statements had been received from the bank. The clerk was to ask bank for statements to be posted by the 3rd of each month.

7-4       Minor changes were made to the Community Funding letter. The clerk would ask for the letter to be published in the Postlebury Magazine.

7-5       Comments from Grant Thornton, auditors, were discussed and noted. Absent councillors would be informed of the comments made. Michael gay asked for a copy of the Governance Statements and he would do a risk assessment to cover the statements.

8-         Highways (including R’s of W) and maintenance

8-1       A359 Traffic Calming. Richard Pelham would write to Sara Davies at SCC Highways to ask for an update on the progress of the A359 traffic calming scheme.

8-3       Maintenance Nothing to report.

9.     Village Hall and Recreation Field

9-1   Village Hall Report.

Michael Gay informed the council there was nothing to report re the village hall.

10.        Correspondence (not covered elsewhere on the agenda)

11. Other Business

11-1 Michael Gay informed the council that some letters re Green Spaces had been distributed. Richard Pelham had contacted Cloford and there were some areas which needed to be noted. He added that if there were no responses to the letters by the next meeting the council would submit a reply to MDC. The clerk would ask MDC for the documents to do this.

11-2/11-5 The track from Hunter’s Lodge to the gate at the end of the track has been cleared. No further progress on putting scalpings on this track, had been made. The council would organise a working party to look at the required remedial action needed for the track. Richard Pelham informed the council that the track towards the parish boundary was very rutted and needed attention. The council discussed the viability of adopting this track from SCC Highways and using community funding to repair it. The clerk would email Charlie Higgins to ask how this might be achieved.

11-3 The clerk would contact Alex Cochrane and arrange for Transparency Code information to be published on the village hall website.

11-4  Michael Gay informed the council that Trudoxhill PC, Witham PC, Batcombe PC, Frome Town Council and Wanstrow PC would all be involved with proposed community bus. This would reduce the liability to each council to £240 per month. There are two proposed routes: 1. Westcombe to Batcombe to Wanstrow Village Hall to Weston Town to Trudoxhill to Witham and then to Asda, Sainsbury’s and Frome market place. 2.Westcombe to Batcombe to Wanstrow to Weston Town and then to Asda, Sainsbury’s, Frome market place and the do the other villages in route 1. MCT (Mendip Community Transport) are dry running the route at their expense. This will enable them to provide a cost for the two route proposals. Once we have a cost we can allocate a price, which is what people without concessionary fares will pay. The concessionary fare recovery value has been advised as 70%, and with a 50% cost for children to be underwritten, the cost for ordinary travellers is likely to have to increase to compensate. They are also waiting for Somerset county council to (a) provide a ticket machine or (b) agree that a manual system is ok for use (so that they can accept the passes). After the PC have agreed the route, timings and fare, MCT will have to apply for the license and the PC chairman will have to sign the MOU (MG will compose once details known). Once the licence is back a start date can be declared. Currently aimed at mid- to late September.

12.   Proposals for future business. More car parking space for the village hall; Daffodil planting; Display cabinets for village hall; Possible purchase of another telephone box for books; Film Club; Newsletter

13-1 To elect chairman for the next meeting. Sam Ingram was elected as chairman for the next two meetings.

13.  Date of next meeting.   The meeting closed at 9.15 pm.  The next meeting will be held in the village hall at 7.45 pm on Monday 12th September.

Signed    Sam Ingram (Chairman)
Dated:  12th September 2016