Minutes April 2017

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 10th April 2017

Present:      Michael Gay, Joe Cole(Chairman), Geoff Andrews (Clerk), Sam Ingram, Wayne McKeown, Claire Knight and Colin Bennet.

  1. Chairman’s Announcements.  The chairman identified emergency exit and equipment.
  1. Public Access.

            Colin Bennett asked the council for an update on broadband in the village. He was told that BT had come up with a price of between £19,000and £45,000 depending on how many homes took up the offer. There were other groups still in the pipeline such as CDS and Gigaclear. Voeneus were still involved using wireless signals for Buckland Dinham to Wanstrow Church. He was also informed that some villagers had used EE to provide 4G connection providing up to 50 meg download speeds. Action Michael Gay to inform BT that there offer was too expensive.

  1. Apologies for absence. Richard Pelham and Roger Masters
  2. Interests and Dispensations

4-1       Disclosures of Interests. Wayne McKeown expressed an interest in agenda item 6.3

4-2       Dispensations. There were no requests for dispensation

  1. Minutes

5-1       Minutes of the previous meeting. Accepted by the Council. Proposed by Sam Ingram and seconded by Wayne McKeown.         

6-         Planning

6-1       Torr Quarry Spoil Heap. Joe Cole informed the council that AI were surprised that the spoil heap was still an issue with Wanstrow residents but would make arrangements to meet The Pc to look at it from the village.  Action Joe Cole to inform Michael Parkinson. Andy James, resident of Wanstrow, asked if the council could mention to AI the glare from the lights on the spoil heap.

             AI also have a planning application to remove part of the bank by the quarry. Wayne McKeown infirmed the council that SCC would not approve such a move as this would have a noise and visual impact on local residents.

6-2       Community Asset listing was deferred.

6-3       Planning Application at Holwell from Mr Chubb was deferred. Action the clerk to inform Mendip that the council would asking for an extension to closing date for comments on the application.           

7-1       Finances

Payments; Payment was made to Mendip Community Transport, Kevin Gale, The Village Hall for rent for 2017/18, and to Carole Tonkinson for the breakfasts at the litter pick.

7-2       Receipts: None

7-3       The reconciliation for March was accepted. The balance per bank was noted at £28,649.24.

7-4       The end of year accounts were circulated and accepted by the council. These would be used by the clerk to prepare the audit forms for the meeting in May. Michael Gay asked for the Assets register to be updated. Action the clerk.

8-         Highways (including R’s of W) and maintenance

8-1       Traffic Calming work to commence the week after Easter.

8-2       The purchase of a SID camera was agreed. Joe Cole informed the council that several volunteers were needed to erect he camera, download data, check the batteries and move the camera very week or so. Full training would be provided.             

8-4        Maintenance. Action Michael Gay to compile a report on the state of Bridge Hill. Also, another pot hole had appeared on the road at Weston Town close to the holly tree.

  1. Village Hall and Recreation Field 

9-1   Village Hall Report. Michael Gay informed the council that repairs wee in hand on the play apparatus on the village green. He also informed the council that the village hall finances were sound and they would be submitting a request for community funding sometime in the future.

  1. Correspondence (not covered elsewhere on the agenda)

10.1      None

  1. Other Business

11.1      APM. The date for the APM was set for the 11th May. Mr Jonathan Cheale would be invited to speak on footpaths. Agenda items were agreed. Refreshments were discussed as a possibility for the meeting. Action the Clerk to place ad.in Postlebury and display notices around the village.

11-2   Boyles Monument in Frome. Noted.  

11-3 Community Bus. Michael Gay informed the council that the discounted fares would have to stop because of low usage. There could be scheme whereby passengers paid the full fare and claimed 50% back from the PC. This seemed to be difficult to manage. Action Michael Gay to write to Dick Skidmore to ask Mendip DC for support for the bus.

11-4 Flooding. Michael Gay suggested the PC contacted Somerset River Authority on the issue of floods in the village. Joe Cole announced he had already done this and was waiting for a reply.

11-5 Community Spending. Michael Gay had produced a Position paper which shows how the community money would be ring fenced for future spending. It would also help explain why the council has so much money. Joe Cole questioned some of the figures and it was agreed to discuss them at the next meeting.

11-6 Broadband. Already discussed under public access.

11-7 Aster Homes. Michael Gay informed the council that the problem with the garages in Wesley Close was a national issue. He then told the council he had complained to Aster about the large increase in rents for the garages. Aster had replied and added that if the PC was not happy with their reply it should write to our MP. Michael Gay had already done this. He would also write to MDC and Dick Skidmore to complain about the price rise in rents for the garages. The idea of informing The Frome Times and Standard was discussed but no decision was made. It was suggested that the garages be placed on the community asset register.

11-8 Depots at Leighton. Concern was expressed at the increase in traffic at the Leighton Junction with the A361. There had been no reply from the Traffic Commissioner over the use of the old Trinidad site by Eddie Stobart’s. Clerk to follow this up.

11-9 Annual Governance Statement. This was discussed and agreed that the PC would ask the internal auditor if the PC are covering all risks with our accounts. It was suggested that the monthly bank reconciliation should also look at the bank statements for the same period.

  1. Proposals for future business. New PCSO . Community Asset listing. Flooding. Community spending.

13-1 To elect chairman for the next meeting. Wayne McKeown was elected to be chair at the next meeting.

  1. Date of next meeting.   The meeting closed at 9.40pm. The next meeting will be held on the 8th May 2017.

Signed Chairman
Dated:  8th May 2017