Minutes November 2017

Wanstrow Parish Council Minutes Held on
13th November 2017

Present:     Claire Knight(Chair) Michael Gay, Joe Cole, Geoff Andrews (Clerk), Sam Ingram, Wayne McKeown, Richard Pelham, Michael Gay and Dick Skidmore (MDC Council)

  1. Chairman’s Announcements.  The chairman identified emergency exit and equipment.
  1. Public Access. None.
  1. Apologies for absence. Roger Masters
  2. Interests and Dispensations

4-1       Disclosures of Interests. Wayne McKeown : Agenda item 11.9

4-2       Dispensations. There were no requests for dispensation.

  1. Minutes

5-1       Minutes of the previous meeting. Accepted by the Council. Proposed by Wayne Mckeown and seconded by Richard Pelham.

5-2       Matters arising. The clerk had not written to Waste Partnership, as issue had been reconciled. Salt bins were full and no need to ask Mendip for more.      

6-         Planning              

7-1       Finances

Payments; Payments were made to Mendip Community Transport, Kevin Gale, Jodie Osborne for tree surgery, Grant Thornton for Account’s Audit, SID camera payment and Clerk’s salary.

7-2       Receipts: None

7-3       The reconciliation for October was accepted. The balance per bank was noted at £35,232.49.            

7-4       The six-monthly accounts for September were accepted by the council.

7-5       The Precept would be discussed in December.

8-         Highways (including R’s of W) and maintenance

8-1       Traffic Calming. Action Joe Cole. To write to SCC.

8-2       Action Joe Cole: Installation of SID camera to be arranged. At some point he would need access to the PC laptop.

8-3       Verge Cutting by Gateways. The council agreed to accept a quote for the maintenance of the grass verges by the Gateways. This would be £870 +VAT for one year. Wayne McKeown asked for the contract to be reviewed after one year. Michael Gay asked for the adjacent landowners to the Gateways to be notified of the work on the verges.

8-4       Maintenance. Action the Clerk. To write to Charlie Higgins re the condition of Bridge Hill and the drainage on the road.

  1.    Village Hall and Recreation Field 

9-1      Village Hall Report. Michael Gay informed the council that there was nothing to report.

            There were two events coming up in the next few weeks, namely The Xmas Fair and the Xmas Lectures.

  1. Correspondence (not covered elsewhere on the agenda)

10.1      Richard Pelham had received a letter asking if the council would have a beacon to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1. This would be added to the agenda in December.

  1. Other Business

11.1     Grant of £200 for Senior’s Xmas party agreed by council.

11.2      Grant for Children’s Halloween Party was agreed by council.                                       

11.3      Clerk’ salary agreed by council and set at £10.467 per hour. All proposed by Sam Ingram and seconded by Richard Pelham.

11.4       Flooding. Action Joe Cole. To talk to Bob Sargent and e mail residents who had suffered from flooding.            

11-5      Village Hall request for community funding for fencing around the village green was agreed by the council. Proposed by Sam Ingram and seconded by Richard Pelham

11-6     SLCC membership. No action.   

11-7     Mud on Chovel Lane. This was discussed and Action Joe Cole.

11-8     Mr. J Pearce. The council agreed to meet with Mr. Pearce and Joe Cole would advise of the date arranged.

11-9         Messy Church. The Council had received a request for £100 of Community funds to allow Messy Church to purchase paper and pens etc for the children who attend the afternoon sessions. There was some reservation as to whether the council should show some sectarian preference. However, Sam Ingram proposed and Richard Pelham seconded the proposal and the council agreed that it should be accepted.

11-10. Xmas Tree. Michael Gay informed the council that the village hall was in favour of having a Xmas tree on the green. Richard Pelham to contact Paul Vincent to organise the collection of the tree. The village hall would arrange the erection of the tree.

11-11. Fire Service report. Wayne McKeown would circulate the report and advised the council that it should respond to the questionnaire.

11-12 Joe Cole advised the council that there had been a number of car thefts in the area and one car had been vandalised, possibly by an air rifle. He would inform the local community on social media.

11-13 Children’s Xmas Party. Sam Ingram asked the council for £100 to fund the children’s party. Richard Pelham proposed this and it was seconded by Joe Cole. The council agreed to the proposal.

11-14 Richard Pelham informed the council that he would organise the collection of the salt bags and arrange their storage at the village hall.

11-15 Joe Cole asked the council if they would be interested in speaking with Voeneus re broadband. This was felt to be un-necessary in light of Voenus’s performance to date.

11-16 Dick Skidmore informed the council that there had been some problems with rare breeds farm at Symes’s yard. The plans may need to be modified.

  1. Proposals for future business. The precept; The Grapevine and beacon for 100 years anniversary of end of WW1.

13-1 Chairperson for the next meeting. As per agenda Richard Pelham.

  1. Date of next meeting. December 11th 2017

Signed Chairman.