Minutes January 2018

Wanstrow Parish Council Minutes 8th January 2018

Present:    Richard Pelham(Chair) Michael Gay, Joe Cole, Geoff Andrews (Clerk), Wayne McKeown, and Joe Pearce.

  1. Chair’s Announcements.  The chair identified emergency exit and equipment.
  1. Public Access. See below under planning 6-1.
  1. Apologies for absence. Roger Masters
  2. Interests and Dispensations

4-1       Disclosures of Interests. Wayne McKeown Item 6-1.

4-2       Dispensations. There were no requests for dispensation.

  1. Minutes

5-1       Minutes of the previous meeting. Accepted by the Council. Proposed by Joe Cole and seconded by Michael Gay

5-2       Matters arising. Item 8-1 should read letter to Somerset Highways and not MDC. Item 8-4 should read Tower View and not the church.

6-         Planning

6-1       Appl. No. 2017/3195/FUL The applicant attended the meeting. There was discussion on the noise levels from the new units. There was mutual agreement with Mr Pearce to restrict night time and weekend noise levels. under the planning conditions. Permission for the application was proposed by Joe Cole and seconded by Michael Gay and accepted by the council.

6-2       Appl. No. 2017/ 3257/ FUL the council thought there were some contradictions in the planning application and would express this concern to MDC. The council recommended that the final decision on this application be left to the planning officer due to some unclear and incomplete information.

7-1       Finances

Payments; Payment was made to Mendip Community Transport and Joe Cole for expenses from SID installation.

7-2       Receipts: Distgen Energy paid the council £1506.33 as community charge from their wind turbine.

7-3       The reconciliation for December 2017 was not available.

7-4       Accounts recording to be discussed at a later meeting

7-5       Discussion on precept was deferred to a later meeting

7-6       VAT. Joe Cole offered to look at the accounts for 2015/16 and 2016/17 to see if more VAT could be recovered. The clerk would provide the receipts for this task.

7-7       Joe Cole informed the council that SALC had more funds available for transparency issues.

7-8       The role of the RFO was discussed and decision on this was deferred until a later meeting.                 

8-         Highways (including R’s of W) and maintenance

8-1       Joe Cole to forward letter to clerk concerning the red road markings near the gateways. Action the clerk to send letter to SCC Highways.

8-2       Action the clerk. Contact Charlie Higgins re the poor surface on The Bridge Hill road up to Studley Lane.

             Action the clerk. Invite Charlie Higgins to submit dates to come inspect the flooding zone at Tower View. Joe Cole would ask Ray Pole to attend the meeting. Village Flooding survey, nothing to report.

             The council agreed to support Batcombe PC in their efforts to get Highways to grit the roads leading to Upton Noble School.

             The council agreed to review the grass cutting grants for the village hall. The cutting of the green areas in the village would be reviewed in The Spring.

  1.    Village Hall and Recreation Field 

9-1      Village Hall Report. Michael Gay informed the council that the new fencing would be erected in February. He Hs advised the village hall to think more strategically about long term requests for community cash. He also told the council that there would be a breakfast morning on the 20.01.18 and later in February there would be a Hot Potato Lunch.

        Joe Cole thought the village hall should be looking for big ticket items from community funds and Wayne McKeown suggested that Matched Funding should be looked at.

  1. Correspondence (not covered elsewhere on the agenda)

10.1      Richard Pelham informed the council that comments were needed on The Mendip Local Plan Part 2 by the end of January 2018.

  1. Other Business

11-1      Joe Cole advised the council that it would be obliged to register with The Information Commissioner. It would also be required to have backup systems for all data.

11.2      The Grapevine was to be used for Parish Council information only. Minutes to be sent each month as usual.

11.3      Action Joe Cole. To complete ownership of land on community assets forms.

11.4      The clerk would not be at the meeting on the 12th February. Wayne Mckeown would take the minutes.

11-5       A letter had been received from Barbara Webb complaining about the parking of a trailer on the slip road at Holwell. Action the clerk. To notify the police.

  1. Proposals for future business. State of disrepair of village notice boards.


13-1 To elect chair for the next meeting. Joe Cole wold be chair as per rota.

  1. Date of next meeting.   The meeting closed at 10.10pm. The next meeting will be held on the 12th February 2018.

Signed Chair

Dated:  12th February 2018