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Current Management Committee 2018-2019

There are nine Trustees who manage the hall and a designated non-voting Parish Council observer.

Due to new GDPR regulations in May 2018, we no longer publish names or personal contact details on this website. If you require this information, or wish to contact the Trustees directly, please do so on enquiries@wanstrowvillagehall.co.uk, or 07926 883813 (not monitored 24 hours), we will be pleased to assist you.

Other community groups may appoint observers.


Sub-committees must have at least one trustee in their membership and should report back regularly to the Trustees.


The Village Hall is managed by a charitable company, set up in July 2009, so that if any financial difficulties occurred during the rebuilding, the Trustees would not be personally liable.

The objects of the Charity are as stated in the Memorandum of Association: “for the public benefit to provide and maintain a village hall and playing field for the use of the inhabitants of the Parishes of Wanstrow and Cloford without distinction of political or religious opinions including use for meetings, lectures and classes, and for other forms of recreation and leisure time occupation, with the object of improving the conditions of life for the inhabitants.”

The original charity, represented by three of the then trustees (two of whom are no longer trustees) holds the title to the village hall and land. The new, incorporated, charity manages the building and the land under the stewardship of the Trustees (maximum nine, minimum three), who are the management committee. The Trustees are also Directors of the company.

Both the original charity and the new charity  are now united under a single charity number, although they still exist as separate entities. The Trustees meet every two months.


Any resident in the parish of Wanstrow and Cloford can apply to become a Member of the new charity by completing our application form. Applicant Members must guarantee to pay £1, should the charity become insolvent. The forms should be signed and returned to the secretary at the registered address.

Once the application is approved by the Trustees the applicant will be entitled to vote at the AGM and any other General Meeting called by the Trustees.

Membership ceases automatically if a Member moves out of the parish.


Every year, at the AGM, one third of the existing Trustees (those who are the longest serving) are required to resign.  Those resigning may stand for re-election. Any existing Member may be nominated to become a Trustee and must agree to accept the responsibilities and duties of such a role. Any nominee who is elected at a General Meeting by  a majority  vote from amongst the Members present becomes a trustee/director of the charitable company, and their name is registered at Companies House and at the Charity Commission. Nomination forms are available from the Secretary.

Anyone willing to serve as a trustee may be co-opted onto the committee during the year and be formally elected at the next AGM.

The officers of the management committee – the Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer – are elected from amongst the duly elected Trustees at a committee meeting following the AGM. Other roles may also be decided at this meeting.


Non-voting Observers nominated by community groups may also attend and speak at meetings of the management committee, but Observers do not have voting rights at those meetings as they are not Trustees.There is nothing to prevent observers from the community groups also being Members of the charity and eligible to vote at General Meetings.

Note: The above information is taken from the Memorandum and Articles of Association. Any Member wishing to see these in full should contact the Secretary.

Big Lottery Approval

When the Trustees submitted their End of Grant Report to the Big Lottery in July 2012, this is what the Funding Officer had to say:

“I’m very pleased with the overall progress you have made with the project. I’m very impressed that you appear to have exceeded outcomes two, three and six in particular holding more events than your target, attracting more users than your target, and increasing your revenue by over 450%. Your website appears to be of a high standard as well”.

“All in all a very pleasing outcome to the project, and again I would like to congratulate you and other members of the committee for this success and to thank you for all your hard work”.